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Physiotherapy - Sue Rowland MCSP

Sue qualified in 1971 and worked full time in the NHS for 17 years, reaching superintendent status. She subsequently set up and ran a large private practise based at three local hospitals. In 2006 she achieved her aim of combining her physiotherapy expertise with her love and respect for horses and over the last 10 years has travelled extensively in England, Europe and Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi as part of the Endurance GB team. Sue and Francesca lecture to the equine students at Hadlow and Plumpton Colleges, the lectures demonstrate how equine sports enhanced performance can be achieved with corrective effective treatment to both horse and their riders.

Sue now works in the fields of sports injury rehabilitation for many sports, and uses her experience in treating all musculoskeletal problems quickly and efficiently. She works closely with Consultants in Medicine and local GP's and her colleague Francesca Murphy, Equine Osteopath, Laura Budden, Alan Austin, Gabor Vajnai and Edward Sim LLB.LLM.M.SC. EMDR Consultant/CBT/REBT Psychotherapist/Neurofeedback Clinician, Daniel Hadjiandreou CPhychol, Pauleen Hemsley CBT BABCP, Brigit Dungate, Lisa Smith, Alan Austen, Karen Hair MCFHP MAFHP and Alice Verhoeven, Beauty Therapist.

Sue uses a combination of skills in her treatments which she has studied in depth since qualification, these include TCM Acupuncture, which Sue has been practicing for more than 38 years. years, CST studied with the Upledger Institute to Advanced 11 levels, Spinal Mobilisation studied with both Maitland and Professor Larry Hartman and Osteopathic Techniques. Sue is known to be a proactive "hands on" therapist with a wealth of experience in her field of expertise.

CranioSacral Therapy [CST]

Sue Rowland, Gabor Vajnai

CST is one of the ancient treatments "rediscovered". When the embryo first divides following fertilisation, cells form into three layers, the ectoderm, the endoderm and the mesoderm. The mesodermal layer forms the body, connective tissue, and encompasses the pathways for the body fluid including cerebrospinal fluid. These pathways are essential for tissues nutrition and repair and consequently for optimum well-being. This embryonic/ connective tissue layer is not traditionally treated in allopathic medicine, but it accesses all parts of the body and would appear to have a stored memory often damaged in trauma, muscular tension and stress. CST is a very gentle but positive treatment used through all ages from babies following the trauma of birth and in conditions which are too acute to effectively treat with other modalities, or as an effective part of a combined therapy treatment.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture [TCM]

Is acupuncture an art or a science? Sue began her fascinating study of AC, "a study of life" over 30 years ago. Over 2000 years ago the skill of AC was described and documented: it has evolved through practise over the centuries into a treatment that treats the patients body and emotional balance. It is as relevant today as 2000 years ago. Throughout the western world evidence based medical research has demonstrated its effectiveness in many conditions. Ac is NICE approved. Sue is a member of AACP and attends the BMAS [British Medical Acupuncture Society) scientific meetings.


Hydrotherapy is exercise treatment in beautifully warm water. Sue uses this magic treatment for the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders. It involves graduated exercise therapy using floats, the buoyancy and resistance of the water. It is particularly relevant post operatively or following severe trauma i.e. fractures, acute and chronic back pain rehabilitation and Osteoarthritis. It is both hard work and fun and the patient can begin exercises in water before dry land work because of the reduced load bearing onto the affected join..

Business Health Development Programme

Sue has combined her evidence based medicine [EBM) skill mix of treatments with those of Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychologist colleagues and the team successfully uses CBT and EMDR techniques to teach management and staff ways to reduce their Work Place Stress, thereby improving company performance and profitability.

Exercise prescriptions-Individual and Class

RET Class 10.30 each Friday at Willicombe.

Sue's RET class combines her in-depth knowledge of each patient's specific needs and clinical condition to produce a proactive therapy class which IS good for you, and yes is FUN. The exercise class combines all principals of rehabilitation, yoga, Pilates, ball work, and resistance/strength training and finishes with deep relaxation.

Sports Injuries and Enhanced Performance

Sue works closely with Laura Budden, Edward Sim and Lisa Smith

Part of the expertise of the clinic is to facilitate enhanced performance in many sports disciplines and treatment following injury. We provide this service to National Level Athletes; to the British Endurance Team GBR; and athletes at all levels; and National Ballet Company dancers. We combine our sports rehabilitation skills to help all athletes, whether ELITE or Weekend, as well as equine sports horses and rider management. The aim is to keep our athletes at their peak levels of fitness and competitiveness. Sports Psychology is an important component to all performance and especially effective post-accident/trauma treatments are available to eliminate "blocks" and "stops."

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